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Inspired by providing premium quality plates of seafood to the mass, we strive to bring goodness to everyone’s table. Everything from a delectable Tuna to savory Sardines, together we will make your meal sumptuous.

At Marines, we believe in providing good food that tastes like home wherever you go. With no added preservatives, you get the choice to explore different recipes from around the world effortlessly.

We pack nutritious fish tinned to perfection right on the day of catch after the necessary procedure. Our range of products is ever-growing with a vision of quality, sustainability, and style to anyone’s taste. The carefully assembled tins of fishes range from Mackerel, Sardines, Tuna, and many more to come with a whole lot of love. Our innovative foods have driven our success to consumers with an entrepreneurial spirit.

As a leading brand in canned fish in Udupi, we are well known for quality management and product innovation.

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We are serious about what we sell, so we have been selecting only the finest quality, 100% sustainable. Marines has everything you want in one place; we make sure you enjoy the tastiest fish with exotic dishes. Our simple process with super freezing methods ensures that the taste is completely preserved, and everyone who tries agrees that it is just as good, even better than fresh.

Why Us?

In many regions, fish is considered as a staple diet. We at Marines have come up with convenient and innovative ways to bring the joy of eating fish to other parts of the world. Adding to your culinary choices, we take pride in allowing you to explore exotic recipes from anywhere.

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