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Experience the richness of fresh seafood!

We are serious about what we sell, so we have been selecting only the finest quality, 100% sustainable. Marines has everything you want in one place; we make sure you enjoy the tastiest fish with exotic dishes. Our simple process with super freezing methods ensures that the taste is completely preserved, and everyone who tries agrees that it is just as good, even better than fresh

Sustainable Sourcing

Our sourcing generates employment for thousands of families with a joy in their face.

Training and Development

Highly skilled employees who undergo regular training to enhance quality standards.

Why we are

the best

Our product leans towards health among the consumers, prepared with a high nutritional profile; it is a good source of calcium, minerals, iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Low in fat with reduced salt, the number of users is increasing due to its nutritional benefits.

Have any queries? Find here frequently asked questions about our products. If you still have questions feel free to reach us at info@marinesindustries or you may fill this contact form.

Our products are available at Super Markets and retail shops across the country. Feel free to reach out at +91 7406787476 or write to us at to know the nearest stores for you.

We regret to say that currently we are selling only on the offline platforms such as supermarkets and retail shops. Soon we will be launching our products at E-Commerce platforms.

It refers to say that we do not add any preservatives for a longer shelf life. The products are processed and packed using the latest food processing technology, which doesn’t allow any external contamination, which gives a longer shelf life.

In some of the products, the answer is yes. Sardine & Mackerel do come with bones whereas Tuna products come boneless, except on rare situations.

Yes, all our products are precooked. By using our products you can cook your own recipes or you can just heat them up and they are ready to consume.

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Healthy Food

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